Wednesday, 19 September 2012


i have not been blogging, in large part due to the fact that i am frustrated by trying to format this thing. i am not the most formatting savvy, and therefore got really annoyed last time i tried to make a post and position the photos in an appealing way. little things like this bog me down.

but ah, happy things are happening.

1. i am spreading my cultured goodies far and wide - thanks to all who are enjoying my ferments and coming back for more. i really appreciate it.

2. on thursday at 6pm i will be teaching my first workshop on fermentation. it'll be at the toast collective in east van (unceded territories) and is being put on by the community kitchen project i work with called eat the rich!
we're going to make my very popular fruit chutney, but this time with MANGOES as well as the apples, sweet onions, ginger and garlic.
it's going to be amazing.
for more information you can find the event on facebook ( and email to sign up.

3. i will be collaborating in october with the sunday shortstack, a pop-up brunch with folk music that happens every sunday at the toast collective. not sure what i'll be making yet, but you can bet it'll be an awesome topping on the fantastic pancakes that those rad folks make. they make everything from scratch and have gluten free and vegan options for great prices plus it's just a lovely community to share space/time/food with. here's more on shortstack:
the tentative date that i will be providing toppings for is october 14th, so mark your calendars!

4. at the purple thistle center, where i work and organize, we will be participating as every year in the east side culture crawl. i'm going to be doing tons of canning and fermenting in the month leading up so that i can sell my stuff for higher prices to yuppies! woohoo!

i have a bunch of other stuff i want to write about, and am waiting for the moment when it feels right. for now, this is it and here's a picture of my red kimchi-ish kraut that i finished today. i'm hoarding a lot of it for myself, so and 2 of the 3 jars are already reserved, but fear not i think this is going to be one of my standards that i keep bringing back. folks love it.

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